Tool changing tables and trolleys

Combine your machines with tool changing tables and tool changing trolleys to minimize setup/changeover times. These components are key to implementing the Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) method. All systems are developed and produced exactly to your requirements.

Stationary tables for one or more tools

Tool changing tables allow safe, cost-effective horizontal tool changes. Depending on the tool's weight and temperature, it can be transferred manually or fully automatically with driven rollers.

Rail-based tool changing trolleys

Rail-based transport systems are used for automated tool changes at multiple machines. The machines are positioned along the track, as are the tool stores and/or preheating station. Trolley movements, docking at the machines and tool transfers into and out of the machines are fully automatic.

Mobile tool changing trolley

Stäubli's mobile single or multi-station tool changing trolleys offer maximum flexibility: They can dock at any machine, regardless of where it is positioned or how it is oriented within the production line.

All tool changing trolleys are available with optional variable-height tables. The tool insertion height is automatically adjusted to the height of the machine. A clamping device is used for the mechanical attachment to the machine.