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Mold clamping solutions: mechanical, hydraulic and magnetic
Choose Stäubli expertise and reliability

Choosing the right clamping solution is a major challenge when trying to minimize the change time of molds. Stäubli offers three tried and tested clamping systems to provide the right choice of clamp, optimized for the size for press, mode of loading, the mold configuration and how often the mold needs to be changed. Relying on their many years of experience, the specialists at Stäubli help their clients select the best solutions, combining productivity, flexibility and safety.

Hydraulic clamping

The hydraulic system is particulary suited to entirely automated mold changes.

Mechanical clamping

Easy and quick, the manual bayonet system enables your mold clamping with a simple action on a removable operating lever.

Magnetic clamping

Interactive, safe and quick: clamping by simply pressing a button.